Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tank Progress, Stash Diet, & Saying Goodbye

This one skein tank is interesting. The seam is done up the center front and center back and one panel faces purl-side & the other panel faces knit-side. Some of the comments on Ravelry were that it was short & too wide. I decided to be pro-active (instead of reactive) and make it in a smaller size for a better fit and with a very soft yarn so it could hang gracefully. The Fino (doubled) was an excellent choice. My only complaint is that the stockinette stitch is b.o.r.i.n.g. - but at least it gives me a chance to watch T.V. or movies without fear of messing up the pattern. Here's my progress - the neckline to the left & the partial armhole to the right. Another week or so & it's on to the next project.

After inflating the stash with those goodies from last weekend's festival, I've pledged to finish 3 projects (includes this one) before making any new purchases. Just picture me as the "monkey trio" see no sales, hear about no sales, & speak no sales.

Lastly, today was the homegoing celebration for my grandmother (in-law). She was an awesome 99 years old. She had 1 child, 3 grandchildren, 9 great grands, and 13 great-great grands. She outlived her parents, husband, siblings & her son. To show you she lived her life to the fullest - her obit includes the name of her close friend and dedicated companion............ he's 98 years old & they met 5 short years ago. We will miss your smiling face & laughter, Grandma Alberta!

Live your life to the fullest ladies!!


cici said...

wow.. I can see you are already clicking those needles together, way to go. You are at work on that challenge. Thanks for sharing about your grandmother in-law, sounds like she had a full life.

Sheila said...

I agree that stockinette stitch can get boring - but at least one can watch T.V. or a movie without messing up.

I can't wait to see the Short Sleeve Cardigan and love the color you chose. I have that issue and must have looked at the pattern at least a dozen times, but yet to start