Monday, September 6, 2010


My que of projects on Ravelry represents my wish list of everything I'd like to knit if I had a gazillion years of "me" time. Since that's not the case, deciding what to make next is always a challenge. This summer I was on a cardigan binge where I started the Cotton Crane Cardi, the Oriel Lace Cardi, and the Tempest Cardi.

All of them beautiful - none of them finished.

While at Stitches Midwest, cousin Jen gifted me some great sock yarn. Of course, in the hotel that night, I started a pair of toe-up socks with the gusset on the bottom (my new favorite sock technique from Wendy Johnson).

As I finish-up the first sock (do I really need 2?), my attention is drawn back to the que. This time it's hats & scarves for fall. Someone please send the knitting police to issue me a citation - I must finish something soon!