Monday, March 23, 2009

My Yarn Adventure

I'm an equal-color-opportunity knitter. I love yarn in all colors of the rainbow. So when my friend, Deb, suggested that we take a yarn dyeing workshop - my first thought was "Why should I when I can just walk into a store & go crazy?" Thankfully, Deb persisted and we took Karida's (Neighborhood Fiber Co) workshop yesterday. What a blast....... We learned some awesome techniques & ended up with some great stash!

Thanks to Karida for the pic. My hats go off to all the fiber artists that hand dye. It's quite an endeavor & I'm pleased with my outcome. But in the scheme of things, thank goodness for folks like Karida and Diane (Creatively Dyed Yarns) whose yarn makes me ooh & aah. Keep doin' your thing ladies....... we love ya!

It's March already & I'm fixated on finishing my first sweater of the year for the "Sweater A Month" group on Ravelry. I just have the sleeves & finishing to do on "The Minimalist":

Also started a pair of socks for DD#2......I've been a busy bee this month.

See ya soon!!