Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project Progress

Haven't been here in a while so I'll fast forward thru a great Christmas, mellow New Year & slammin' Inauguration Day. Managed to catch that weird "cough bug" that worked its way into bronchitis for me. Through it all, the knitting needles have been clackin!

I should know the Slouchy Beret pattern by heart - 5 of them completed to-date. This one was a Christmas present for my daughter's friend & co-worker. The final one is for my daughter who likes her bling. She picked out this great yarn at our LYS - In Stitches Needleworks - it's threaded with lots of metallic discs. It's working up nicely & should be finished this week.

We've heard from J's boyfriend in Afghanistan. He indicated he really wanted to learn how to juggle so we found an instruction book & I knitted up these juggling balls & filled them with black beans...... really cute - hope he likes them.

No progress on the Sweater-A-Month challenge. First selection is a victim of my knitting ADD. Really itching to start something new - just can't settle on what it is. So I'm off to browse the Ravelry queue,,,,,,again.