Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Hat Brigade

Thanks for all the well-wishes! The good vibes from all of you hit their mark & helped me have a peaceful & uplifting week. And the great equalizer - knitting - also did it's job. I delved right into my pattern queue & selected a few hats I've been wanting to make. The result is the array of hats at the top. From top to bottom - Felicity made from Mirasol Yarn Akapana; Slouchy Beehive Hat made from Araucania Nature Wool Chunky; Claudia made from Berroco Blackstone Tweed; and Garter Ridged Hat made from Ester Bitran Hand-Dyed Andes Wool. All were great fun & best of all made from stash yarn. I plan to gift them all to co-workers who have been hinting all year about wanting something handknit.

Still have a few more last-minute items to knit-up for the family. Today starts my winter vacation (aka knitting-at-home-in-pjs). Won't go back to work until the first week in January. D.C. got the first real snowfall today so it really feels like hibernation time. First, I need to get the tree decorated and all the trimmings together for enjoying the kids & grandkids next week.

Happy knitting & happy holidays!

P.S. Forgot to mention that I did finish my Warmer/Capelet. Came out wonderful!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting In Balance

I am usually the calm one in high stress situations. That went out the window last night when I was struck by a minivan while crossing the street at an intersection near my home. My angel (and the Lord) was looking over me. At the middle of the crosswalk, the sound of the engine accelerating made me step back. But not quick enough - the van ran over the front of my foot. I have never experienced the level of rage that I felt towards the driver. My spirit still feels out of balance.

Emotions have gone full circle. From fear, to anger, to shock, and back to anger after learning that the driver was not issued any citation. While she was extremely apologetic - not giving your full attention to driving; striking a pedestrian in a crosswalk; and not heeding the right-of-way should have circumstances. While the police officer was very polite, it is unnerving that he was more concerned with conveying the insurance reporting procedures to me than sending that message to the driver. I won't vent about the hazards of the "sue them" or "get paid" mentality that prevails in this society. The popularity of shows like Judge Judy, Joe, & Alex attests to that.

The swelling has subsided, the limp and the bruising will eventually go away. The opportunity to get paid doesn't interest me - having drivers who are not distracted does.

Maybe meditation & more knitting can get my spirit back in balance.........