Sunday, September 7, 2008


My oldest has decided to learn the art of knitting. I'm sure this has alot to do with relocating across the country & missing her boyfriend - but hey, whatever works for ya. On my last visit, we went yarn shopping and I showed her the basics. I have yet to see the progress on her garter stitch scarf but she came home Friday with a request for a quick knit - Please Mom; you're so fast Mom; your stuff is so nice Mom; can I have it by Sunday Mom; yada yada yada. It usually goes in one ear and out the other (I hear it from her and her sister all the time) but this is for something special. Her boyfriend is leaving for a six month term in Afghanistan and she's going to visit him this week before he deploys. In true diva fashion, she doesn't want to worry about how her hair looks on her trip (lol). Here's the finished project.

Slouchy Beret by Lauren Nell Roy
1.2 skeins of Nashua Handknits Grand Opera in Teal
Started: Sept 5 - Finished Sept 7

This morning was the "America Supports You Freedom Walk" from Arlington Cemetary to the Pentagon to show support for the Armed Forces. Let's hear it for our soldiers.................

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Decided that the holiday weekend was a great time to visit oldest daughter in her new digs in Southern VA. Didn't want to break the bank (airfare should be renamed gotcha-fare) or be behind the wheel for hours & hours so the next best thing.......public transportation! How bad could it be? I have plenty of knitting projects, books, & an ipod to keep me occupied. There were no available seats on Amtrak so I settled on Greyhound. Was that a moan escaping your lips??? Why didn't you tell me??

I'm not a novice - I grew up traveling the Greyhound between West Virginia and Washington, DC every summer and holiday. Arrived an hour early, purchased my ticket, headed outside to grab a seat on the bench & await the bus. I was soon joined by Linwood & his imaginary friend. They had a wonderful conversation filled with obscenities. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I inquired with the desk rep (who was very friendly) if she thought it safe for Linwood to travel in an enclosed space for 4 hours - only to find out Linwood was a regular. She told me to threaten to call the police & he'd shut right up (WTH?) But wonder of wonders, he was ticketed on a different bus. My bus arrived an hour late only to find that the driver couldn't operate the wheelchair lift. If I would have had my super powers activated, I would have lifted that poor man onto the bus but alas it took another hour for the driver to obtain lift instructions by phone. By then there was not a snowballs chance that I would make my connection. The oh-so-friendly rep told me not to worry - there were so many folks from my bus making the same connection that they'd hold the bus (again - WTH?). They did. My plans for a potty break, a soda, & a snack were dashed upon seeing the angry mob who was made to wait all those hours that we were late. And by the smell of my seatmate - he didn't have a chance to freshen up for a few days. So all in all it took me 7 hours for an advertised 4 hour trip. The return was not as eventful but still took 5 hours. But there is a bit of goodness to this story:

Here's the progress on the Fern Lace Wrap. I'm using Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Moss and modifying the pattern to make it shawl sized. Both the pattern and the yarn are a joy to work. I actually completed a couple of rows between tears watching the historic Democratic National Convention so I've renamed it "Opening Night DNC" but most of the work was done in route over the past weekend. Next time, it's the train for me........