Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sock Love

Made my first pair of socks back in 2008. Definitely a knitting accomplishment for me but I didn't catch the "sock bug". My knitsis, Debbie, told me about Wendy Johnson's toe-up sock pattern that features the gusset on the bottom (no picking up stitches). Ahhhhhhh.......I've been bitten by the bug. Not only is toe-up knitting the way to go but that gusset is sweet!

This pair uses Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in the Java colorway. Really like the Waffle Rib stitch from the Sensational Knitted Socks book so it's incorporated in the instep and leg. Definitely the first of many socks to come but for now it's also a diversion from the endless stockinette in the Paper Crane cardigan. I'm finally at the armholes - WHEW!

Back to the Sock Love so I can finish & return to the Cardi........Happy Knitting!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sip Happens

My oldest daughter lives in southwest Virginia - in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love to take Amtrak (prime knitting time) and this holiday weekend was the perfect time for a visit. We spent Friday evening enjoying her homemade pound cake & sangria then headed out to Peaks of Otter Winery & Orchard on Saturday afternoon. What a blast! We sampled their many different fruit wines and blends with names like "Blackberry Cobbler", "Vino Colada", "Strawberry Shortcake", and "Pumpkin Pie". The tasting ends with a challenge to try the "Kiss the Devil" Chili Pepper wine. Made from 30 varieties of peppers, it's really made for cooking but what the heck........
That's my face right after the tasting; my Kiss-the-Devil sticker that I'll wear as a badge of honor; and us with the official Wine Devil. The grounds were absolutely beautiful, filled with plums, apples, and blackberries. After picking a few plums, we headed back up the road.

Independence Day was also wonderful at the Music for Americans event sponsored by The Roanoke Times. We grabbed a sno cone & funnel cake & found a great jam with the Sway Katz & enjoy the fireworks.

Of course weekends aren't perfect without knitting so mine was with me every step of the way. Last week I started Kirsten Johnstone's Paper Crane Cardi using some laceweight cotton stash yarn purchased from Old Mill Yarns last year at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. It's a very interesting color that's difficult to capture in a picture - a blue/purple mix. The project is perfect for a road-trip cause it's miles and miles of stockinette using size 2 needles. Finally seeing some progress
and plan to have it finished in time to wear to Stitches Midwest.

Home again, home again........ and back to work tomorrow. Happy Knitting!