Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh No!!!

Been consistently knitting on the One Skein Tank - in the car (while DD's driving), on the metro, at the dentist office, before bedtime, etc. Yesterday I pull it out of my project bag & dang it - there's a big (very big) snag near the beginning. Tried & tried to smooth it out but alas, I had to frog it & start over again. I am not deterred. Serious knitting time will be included in my weekend activities (and maybe a quick trip to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival). Will have new pics next week.

Get your knit on.........


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I'm sure you'll make a full knitting recovery this weekend.

Sheila said...

What a bummer about the snag. Agree, with some serious knitting you will be back on track.

Thank you for the lovely compliment and encouragement. I would love to rewrite the pattern for my freestylin projects, but once I finish the project, I'm too drained to take the time to put it in proper format. Something I need to work on. Thanks Again.