Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mods to the Cardi

The yarn & the pattern seem to come together in this one for a great piece. I made a modification to the front - the pattern calls for it to be slanted but I've chosen to make it with a straight front. Planning to make a plain tank for underneath & have a cardi set. Searching for some cute glass buttons that will compliment the yarn but not overpower the pattern.

Took a break from knitting this week while traveling for business. I got spooked about TSA and their inconsistent regulations on knitting needles. Visions of me being escorted to jail for assaulting "Checkpoint Charlie" who tried to take my needles was not pretty. Instead I took my cross stitch project (yes, with scissors) and made some progress on the Pray Tree. You can see it on my other blog Stitches of Heritage.


Sharon said...

Deb, this a beautiful color! I love how you have your blog set up. Looks great.

Susan said...

I really liked this pattern when I first saw it. Yours is coming along great so far!

I have also tagged you for a meme. Details on my blog.

Melodye said...

I love your blog. I have a question about the cone yarn, I'm a relative beginner. I saw it at MDSW and the vendor was unable to tell me the weight. How do you determine the weight or do you just buy it and figure it out later?