Friday, April 18, 2008

Sept 06: My Own Yarn Fairy

I stopped in my local craft store to purchase the red yarn needed for the Spiderman duplicate stitch in grandson's (almost-finished) afghan. When I got to the register the salesclerk asked if I was a big knitter (Duh, is the sky blue?)? We chatted about knitting, crocheting & cross stitching - thank goodness there was no one in line behind me. She said she had cleared out the odds & ends in her yarn stash with plans to donate it to the store for their classes but the amount that the instructor took didn't put a dent in what she brought. She really didn't want to haul it back home (her husband was soooo happy to have it gone) and would like to gift it to a fellow crafter. She took a quick break & we went to her car. When she opened her trunk I gasped........... we're not talking about a corner stash of yarn - the trunk was full!!!! She said she was embarrassed that over the years she had managed to collect so much & we laughed because of course this was only the odds & ends (1 - 2 skeins) of each color - not her main stash. All I could think was that she certainly had plenty of "Stash Enhancement eXperiences (S.E.X.) over the years. I was proud of myself - I showed great constraint - I did not take all the yarn (to her disappointment) but I've added significantly to my own stash. To celebrate this random act of kindness from the Yarn Fairy I am taking a cue from Renee and setting a goal to make 30 knitted/crocheted caps for newborns for Save the Children's Caps to the Capital Project . I'm tagging each cap with both my name & my yarn fairy's name - without her there'd be no stash.