Friday, April 18, 2008

Dec 06: Christmas Gifting

Hope your Christmas Day was a merry one. Mine was wonderful - full of fellowship and dining with family and friends. After trying unsuccessfully (over & over & over again) to make the "Fetching" fingerless gloves shown on the left for DD#1, I made a cute little crocheted pair. No matter how hard I tried, couldn't get my knitted stitches tight enough between the double points. The crocheted ones were quick & easy (thank goodness, it was Christmas eve). The yarn is Paton's Nuance - a mohair blend with a gold metallic thread running through it. The gold doesn't show up in the photo but it gave them a nice sparkle. Mirrored the double-crochet pattern in a matching scarf (sorry no pic & DD's gone back home). Was stressing about whether she'd like them but her sister has put in an order for a pair in something "bright & colorful" which is always a sure sign that I've hit on something. Committed to taking a class on how to make socks so one day I can make a pair of the Fetching gloves for myself (y'all know I'm stubborn - can't let it beat me!)