Friday, April 18, 2008

Nov 06: Fall in Virginia

I love Virginia in the fall. The leaves changing colors are gorgeous!!! I've added a few minutes to my commute so I can drive down the parkway along the river everyday. So of course, my mind is full of thoughts of knitting sweaters, afghans, hats & scarves. My stash of knit/crochet patterns rivals my stash of cross stitch charts but I'm always on the lookout to add a little something. Yesterday I came upon this Berrocco pattern that I love. It's a swing crop sweater called Charlize. Thankfully, the fuzzy yarn has been discontinued, but I'm loving the shape and can picture it knitted up in something very soft. This weekend I'm headed to the Stitches East Knitting Expo in Baltimore to shop at the marketplace. I had contemplated going for a couple of classes, but honestly, if I learn any new techniques right now I'll be distracted from finishing all the holiday cross stitch projects I have going. But if I happen to fondle just the right yarn - you can bet that Charlize will become my next WIP.......