Friday, November 16, 2012

Magic Yarn Ball

At last count, I belong to at least 41 groups on Ravelry.  From hat, cowl & sweater lovers to fans of Amazing Race & Top Chef - there's a group for everyone & everything on Rav.  One of my favorites is my swap group - Yarn Snobs Inc........... yes, that's right, I am a Yarn Snob!  Although I began my knitting journey with acrylic yarns, there is nothing quite like the feel of Alpaca, Silk, Cashmere & 100% Merino. 

The ladies of YSI have opened my eyes to lots of specialty yarns & we love to treat each other with all kinds of goodies.  Which brings me to our latest swap - the Magic Yarn Ball Swap.  Each swapper gets a partner. Starting with one goody in the middle - yarn is wrapped around small gifts for the recipient to find as they knit up or unwind the yarn. Our swap focused on items from each knitters wishlist.  I received my ball a couple weeks ago.

Beautifully decorated for fall/Halloween, my partner outdid herself (thanks, Mary)!  But the outside was just a warm up to the goodies inside.  It actually took me awhile to unwind because there were 3 separate sections of goodies.  A gorgeous tote with my favorite Fleur de Lis pattern, stitch markers & holders, chart keeper, tape measurer, note book, needle caps, scented soap and of course a skein of luxury yarn.

It's the cashmere/merino blend (Bugga) from the Sanguine Gryphon in Red-White Leaf  Beetle colorway. A gorgeous pink.  Mary also gifted me an added bonus of the Summer Wind Cowl pattern by IrishGirlKnits which will look lovely in this color, 
I'm off to start winding up my partner's ball.  Hoping to do mine justice.  Happy knitting!