Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Wrap-up

Sooo glad the weather has changed & it's fall. Been crazy-busy but the knitting Mojo is in full effect. Maybe this will be the year that I accomplish my plan of knitted stocking stuffers for all this Christmas.

After a quick trip to Ohio last month, I visited daughter just in time for the 10th Annual Smith Mountain Lake Wine Tasting Festival. What a blast! Delicious wine, swinging band, and plenty of fun-loving patrons.

Saturdays have been filled with cheering on the grandsons at their football games. Nothing cuter than those ankle-biters running the field. Watch out NFL! Been trying to become a "regular" with the Sunday Sit-n-Knit group at A Tangled Skein. I get so much motivation from these knitsibs. Everyone has such great WIPs. Thanks to Thella for encouraging me to try some colorwork. Her projects are beautiful and she knits and spins with no-fear (lol). After all these years of knitting, I had never tried color stranding. For my first project, I finished the Sheep & Wool Hat by Emily Spence.

Super simple project with great results. Need to master the "float" but have definitely added a couple more stranding projects to my queue. Lastly, started my gift knitting with Jeff's Mitts by Lorraine Ehrlinger. Named mine "Martin's Mitts" because they're for my daughter's boyfriend who's been deployed overseas. They will be matched with the Regular Guy Beanie by Chuck Wright and a pair of Man Socks by Hannah Fettig. All great traveling projects I can do on the metro during my daily communte. Hope to finish up in the next week or so.

Happy knitting y'all.


arthella said...

here's a sip for all the sistas who ain't here!

looks like you got the colorwork bug. love the hat!

great post and hope to see you soon.